Welcome to the home page for the Society of Physics Students, a student club within the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Utah. The Society of Physics Students is a national organization devoted to bringing together people who strive to understand the world around us. You do not have to be a physics major to participate in the university level organization, just have an interest in physics.  If you wish to understand the internal operations of the club, please see our constitution.

There are two levels of SPS membership at the University of Utah:

Local: There is no charge or formal membership in the local University of Utah SPS chapter. As a physics major or event participant, you are automatically a member. Our events are free and open to all people.  Become involved by attending our events, joining our leadership meetings, or volunteering for outreach opportunities within the department and beyond.  To keep connected to current activities, visit our events page, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and join our email list.  You can also ask any of the SPS officers for more information.

National:  While participation in University of Utah SPS events constitutes local membership, national SPS membership requires an official registration, and offers additional benefits.  A national membership costs $24 per year and comes with a subscription to Physics Today and the SPS Observer, as well as a membership in two American Institute of Physics (AIP) societies of your choice. National membership also includes opportunities for grants, scholarships, internships, and travel funding.  For more information on national membership, visit the SPS National website.

Sigma Pi Sigma:  The Sigma Pi Sigma Honors Society is housed within the National Society of Physics Students.  This prestigious designation is available to top-performing students from approved institutions, and includes lifetime member benefits.  See the Sigma Pi Sigma website for more information on how to become a member.