Teddy Anderson- President–  Prior to pursuing a physics degree, I spent nearly twenty years traveling the world and working as a guide on rivers and mountains.  I started school at Salt Lake Community College in 2013 in introductory math. When I transferred to the University of Utah in 2016 I jumped right in to the deep end of the physics department, participating through the SPS club, teaching assistantships, and astronomy research. I love organizing events and watching people come together to have fun. I hope I graduate!



Joseph Blanton- Vice President- I am a fourth year Honors Physics major here at the U.  This is my final semester helping run SPS here (graduating in May.)  I will be pursuing a Ph.D. in experimental condensed matter physics in graduate school, but I’m not sure which school I’m going to yet.  When I’m not doing physics, I enjoy Ultimate Frisbee, chess, ping-pong, hiking, video games and board games.






Shaun Snow- Treasurer- School, research and gym is all I do.  On the rare occasions I have free time, I’ll go hiking or spend time with family.  I feel like the best way to be happy is to always strive for progress, so I never wanna stop learning.



20171201_130326Galen Bergsten – Historian – Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, I’m in my second year of an undergraduate career at the University of Utah. I’m majoring in Biology (Environmental & Organismal) and Physics (Astronomy & Astrophysics), with minors in Mathematics and Photography. SPS has been instrumental in kicking off both my academic and research careers here at the U, and I try to give back in every way that I can. I even designed the hip new logo!



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Jared Coles- Secretary-  Jared joined physics not entirely knowing what he was in for, but loves every minute of it anyway. He likes to spend his free time trying to figure out electronics, computer code, and inexpensive flight.







Maile Marriott- Outreach Coordinator-  I may not be good at physics, but I love it. My favorite part of SPS is doing outreach and teaching others about physics. Besides SPS and physics classes, I also write, do research, practice Japanese, and cook.  I will (hopefully) graduate Spring 2019.